MATS 2021 production of ‘Don’t Dress for Dinner’ is a comedy farce by Marc Camoletti and adapted by Robin Hawdon.

Book An Audition

Auditions will be held at 95 Bridge Street (Crn Hill St), Muswellbrook, on the following dates:

  • Thursday 17th June
  • Friday 18th June
  • Saturday 19th June 
  • Sunday 20th June (call backs only, if required)

Auditions will be run in groups, please book your preferred session. Depending on numbers it may be necessary to move audition dates and times, please indicate your availability on the booking form.

A booking must be made to audition.

Rehearsals & Performances

Rehearsals to be held 2 nights per week, with some weekend rehearsals. 

Must be available for all technical and dress rehearsals 4th-6th October. 

First rehearsal, Saturday 3rd July – Full cast read through of play.

Must be available to perform evening shows from 7th – 16th October. 

Number of performances and what nights still to be determined. 

The cast

MATS always calls auditions for its productions. This is an adult production, the recommended age range for the cast is 30-50, this is a guide only. Please still audition if you are interested in auditioning for a role.

Audition material has been provided and can be downloaded below. You will be asked to read/perform the provided excerpts from the script. You are not required to memorise the lines. A MATS member will read the opposite character.

Lead Role

Male / 30-50 years of age

Bernard is married to Jacqueline and having an affair with Suzanne, his model mistress.

Bernard is described as, a handsome businessman, flirtatious, dapper, self-assured and a country gentleman.

Lead Role

Female / 30-50 years of age

Jacqueline is married to Bernard and having an affair with Robert,  Bernard’s best friend.

Jacqueline is described as, lovely, assertive, romantic, intelligent, a beautiful modern woman

Supporting Role

Male / 30-50 years of age

Friend and best man at Bernard and Jacqueline’s wedding. Robert is having an affair with Jacqueline. 

Robert is described as, handsome, reserved, seems like an all-round nice guy but is a scoundrel. 

Supporting Role

Female / 30-50 years of age

The cook hired by Bernard to cook for himself, Suzanne and Robert.

Suzette is described as, friendly, working class, funny, a swan beneath the duckling exterior. 

Supporting Role

Female / 30-50 years of age (can be younger)

Model and Bernard’s mistress.

Suzanne is described as, a fashion model, slim figured, chic, stylish and easily flustered.

Supporting Role

Male / 30-50 years of age

Suzette’s husband. Only appears in act 2. 

George is described as, big, strong, protective of Suzette and not one to indulge in fooling around.